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Recording technology to convert any format to MP3




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AnalogWhole is an excellent tool that allows the user to transform an audio file of any format to another by recording from the sound output of the computer.

Imagine you need to convert an audio track in WMA or RM to an MP3 to listen to it on your iPod or MP3 player.

That is the goal of AnalogWhole, to provide an easy way to convert any any music file to MP3 by recording through its 'analog'.

The program will store all sounds from your computer's audio output, so you should not run any programs besides AnalogWhole during the process.

The user can select a specific time period during which conversions are performed (for example, during the night).

Select the type of file to be converted. The track will play as normal and will be stored in the location you chose as an MP3 file.
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